Po-tae-to, Po- tah- to : How to cook potatoes


A year ago, I decided to make herbed potatoes by stir frying them. I sliced the potatoes and rubbed them with a herb mixture and put it on the pan. After an hour, they were still uncooked- but they were also burnt. I was too embarrassed to let my mother know that I was such a bad and ignorant cook, so I ate them anyway. I vowed to never cook another potato.

Today, I cooked a potato. I mustered up enough courage to make herbed potatoes. And now, for the poor ignoramus, I will tell you how to cook potatoes. Because I think its a service to mankind.

Boil the potatoes!

Boil potatoes when you usually need to mash them or generally eat with a salad or as a side dish. It usually takes 10 to 20 minutes. You can boil potatoes either whole or cubed. The cubed potato should be evenly cut so that it all cooks through evenly.

To boil a potato-

1. scrub the potatoes clean and transfer them into a saucepan with cold water. The potatoes should be drowning in them.

2. Stir in a teaspoon of salt

3. Bring to boil, and then reduce to simmer. Do not cover the pan.

4. Check the potatoes and then drain them

You now have cooked potatoes.

Bake the Potates!

You can oven bake them by:

– Preheat the oven on 200-250 degree celsius.

– Prick the potatoes with a fork, rub them with oil and season them

– Cook the potatoes for 45- 60 minutes

You can also microwave potatoes:

– Rub the potatoes with oil and prick them with a fork.

– Place the potatoes in the microwave for five minutes at full power.

– Turn them over and microwave for another 5 minutes.

– They should be done, but if they aren’t keep microwaving in 1 min bursts.

You will thank me one day, if you’re an inexperienced cook who’s trying to impress someone with edible potatoes. Or your self esteem has been boosted by my stupid uneducated-ness. Either way, this article has helped you.

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We are what we eat: The food we eat reflects our personality


Jennifer Aniston starred as the vivacious Polly Prince in the movie, “Along Came Polly”. Polly was adventurous, averse to commitment and got high on life. She loved to travel, didn’t know where life would take her and loved it. I remember this particular scene where she goes on a date with a man (Ben Stiller) and she suggests a Moroccan place. She loves experiencing food with her hands and enjoys the spicy food. Unlike Ben Stiller, who we come to see as a completely different person as compared to Polly.

It turns out, the kind of food you prefer predicts your personality too. According to research by John Hayes and Nadia Byrnes at Penn State University, personality is a key element to why people like spicy food. They believed that capsaicin, a major ingredient in chilli and spicy food, could be a determinant to a person’s personality.

A study using 200 participants tested their “Adventurous High risk” attitude and correlated it to their preference for spice. They used a test known as the Arnett’s inventory of Sensation Seeking, which determines the participants’ risk taking behaviour. The results showed that people who scored higher on this test also loved spicy food a lot more!

Have we become what we eat?

Watch this hilarious scene to find the different personalities of food and people:-

Along Came Polly – The Restaurant Scene – YouTube

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THULP me a Burger: Restaurant Review



The burgers I usually eat are the McDonald kind. With either 100% beef or chicken, the meats are topped with crispy (most of the time) lettuce, not-good-for-you mayonnaise and fixings like cheese, bacon, pickles and tomatoes. I love these wholesome yummy burgers- but I got tired of them. I couldn’t deal with the fact that every other burger joint or diner served up similar burgers. It made me wonder where all the choices we complain about in this generation had disappeared.

Last week, however, I tasted an out of this world burger called the “Ho Chi Minh” at a nearby cafe- Cafe Thulp. The clever name basically reflects the fact that its a Vietnamese inspired burger (There’s a sentence I thought I wouldn’t say!). Ho Chi Minh was a communist Vietnamese president of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam. I won’t lie, after studying a little about the history of Vietnam, I was excited just by the name of the dish!

The burger, with fluffy yet warm toasty buns, contained grilled pork and mint leaves. An explosion of flavours took place in my mouth. It even inspired me to be poetic. There were tomatoes, cucumbers and coriander leaves. They even served a little dipping sauce that made the burger perfect and unique. It was honestly something so different yet so familiar! I loved it.

I’d like to thank Cafe Thulp for bringing my search for originality to an end. The staff was courteous and the restaurant lightened up my day. Even if there was no Ho Chi Minh, the cartooned characters all over the walls, menus and the table mats would have forced me to write about this place.

The Wrap-up:

Ambience: Fun, comfortable and relaxed.

Food: Wholesome and soul inspiring.

Service: Sweet and courteous.

Pricing: 650 INR for two

Vist Cafe Thulp in Kormangala and Kammanahalli in Bangalore.