Mastering Lust the Gandhi way


Mahatma Gandhi, considered to be the Father of India, lived a life of celibacy- for most of his life. He had vowed in his youth that he would be the master of his lustful urges. This happened when he had been caught in a sexual act with his wife, while his father whom he should have been nursing- passed away.

It turns out, Gandhi decided to perform an interesting experiment, in his 70s. He called it the “Bharam Acharya” Experiment. It was his way of testing his urges among women. Many women participated, especially Manu and Abha- his two “walking sticks”. He would go to bed with them naked, only to test his resolve. His resolve was strong, and they only slept.

However, the women report that they only felt like they were sleeping with their Mother. I only respect him more because of his courage in a taboo filled world.