A Woman: Titanium

She closed her eyes. She knew what was coming. She didn’t scream; nobody hears. Nobody listens.

The clock ticked by, and she counted the seconds. Idly, she thought about spirituality. She hadn’t taken the Church seriously. Pantheism. She scoffed now. God might have saved her if she had believed. Oh, how she wished she had believed! She would now only go back in time, and beg Him to never let her be a woman.

Why isn’t it over yet? She is being given time- time to think, time to cry, time to live. It’s hardly a luxury now. Torturous, more than what was to come.

She saw him walk towards her, a steel rod in one hand and pitiless triumph in the other. A violent penetration, and she saw her God.

“Filthy women”, he spat.